Growing Tips

Our indoor vertical garden systems are designed to keep your walls and home clean without the mess that accompanies planters with drainage systems. Follow our recommendations below for best results.



Use a layer of pumice stones at the bottom to manage water drainage and aeration.


Your plants will need a good home to set down their roots. A healthy soil that fits your specific type of plant is the key to a lush indoor garden.


Choose plants that do not require a lot of water (or any at all!) We love succulents and cacti. Air plants are great too!


When you water, apply just enough to wet the soil to the bottom of the container. Be careful not to over water, as there is no place for the extra water to go!

Perch Planting FAQ

  • Q: What is pumice?
    Pumice is a very light and porous volcanic rock. Pumice comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from large stones you use to scrub your feet, to fine bits that are mixed with concrete. In gardening, granular horticultural grade pumice is used to help promote aeration and drainage.
  • Q: Where can I buy pumice?
    You can find pumice at your local nursery, or home & garden supply store. You can also buy pumice online from several vendors, including Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, Green Planet Naturals, and Nature’s Footprint.
  • Q: What are alternatives to pumice?
    If you are unable to find horticultural grade pumice, you can substitute agricultural grade pumice, sold under the brand name Dry Stall at feed stores. Perlite is another good alternative to pumice and is also very effective in promoting drainage and improving porosity. When handling Perlite, we recommend that you wear a dusk mask and gloves.
  • Q: What type of soil should I use?
    A plant is only as good as the soil in which it grows, that's why it is important to select the right potting soil. For most houseplants, standard potting soil should work just fine. For cacti and succulents, choose a cactus potting mix or make your own mix. For instructions on making your own cactus & succulent potting soil mix, click here. For more information about choosing the right potting soil, read here
  • Q: What types of plants will grow in Urbio vessels?
    Urbio was designed to keep your walls and home clean without the mess that accompanies traditional planters with drainage systems. With this in mind, it is best to choose plants that do not require a lot of water. We personally love succulents and cacti. Here is a great guide for caring for succulents and cacti.
  • Q: How much light do I need to grow?
    It really depends on the type of plants you select. We recommend that you choose plants that are suited to the lighting in your home. If you don’t get very much natural light, choose "low light" plants, use a grow light, or take them outside to a sunny spot during the day.
  • Q: How often should I water my plants?
    Because Urbio does not have drainage holes, you must be especially careful about overwatering. Make sure to let your soil dry out completely in between watering, and remember that even if the surface of the soil looks dry, the roots may be moist.

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